Leadership Development

We recognise  that understanding leadership is vital to people and places and organisations. Working alongside leaders and their organisations since 2014, we have seen a growing call for:

  • Authenticity in leadership action, behaviours and culture.
  • Resilience at all levels, particularly  for those in leadership roles.
  • The skills to build commitment to change and action increasingly from those beyond their direct control.

Our leadership development programmes use powerful tools developed by Professor Keith Grint from Warwick University and Marshall Ganz from Harvard to support existing and emerging leaders.

We offer a range of dynamic and interactive training programs designed to develop and enhance leadership skills. Our workshops provide practical tools and strategies to cultivate key leadership competencies based around communication, exploring motivations and priorities. Recently we have developed modular content to deliver a series of workshops around the theme of compassionate leadership.

Creating a positive and inclusive organisational culture is essential to develop places where teams and individuals perform at their best and feel engaged. We have a track record of working with organisations to help them assess their culture and help them align behaviours to their values.