Calm and Competent Leadership in Uncertain Times

Do-Well’s Calm and Competent leadership programme has been curated to respond to the challenges of leading in uncertain times. It has been developed building on lots of thoughtful feedback from the people we work with who have told us that they want two things from leaders at this time – they wish their leader to be calm, and they wish their leader to be competent. 

All the sessions below have been designed to help people, organisations and places to develop their leadership knowledge and skills in this context.
The programme has been designed so that you can choose to enrol in the full course, or you can pick and choose those that are most relevant to you and your work. 
The first introductory session is free where you can find out more about the programme. After that each module costs £55 per person. We are pleased to offer a discount should you wish to book five or more sessions, please get in touch with who will provide you with a discount code or if you’d prefer to pay via invoice.
To find out more about each session you can download a brochure here and if you’d like to book  via Eventbrite click on the book now button in the module (s) you are interested in. 

Introduction to the Programme

Want to know more about the programme - sign up to the introductory modules and come and find out what you could be learning over the next 18 months. 12th June 2024 10 am - 12 pm

Working and leading across systems

A basic introduction to systems leadership theory and practice, along with insights into some of the skills and tools such as public narrative that can enable you to galvanise action and achieve lasting positive change. 9th July 2024 10am-12pm

Thinking about systems to influence practical change

A more detailed exploration of systems leadership and its application and will share learning from organisations that are taking forward systems leadership approaches. 10th September 2024 10am-12pm

Self Compassion

The day explores the work of Kristin Neff and others on self-compassion. It will be an opportunity to explore the theory on self-compassion, to consider the concept of self-compassion and its relevance to compassionate leadership. 8th October 2024 10am-12pm

Change is a question of people and power

An introduction to the key components to community organising as defined by Professor Marshall Ganz. 12th November 2024 10am-12pm

Menopause in the workplace

This workshop explores what menopause is, its potential impact in the workplace and the challenges facing leaders when seeking to support those experiencing the menopause and for managers and colleagues who are providing support. 14th January 2025 10am-12pm

Purposeful and authentic storytelling. Theory

An introduction to the leadership technique of public narrative and its power in building and maintaining movements for change. 11th February 2025 10am-12pm

Purposeful and authentic storytelling. Practice

This session will enable you to build on the learning from part one and give you the opportunity to practise public narrative. 12th March 2025 10am-12pm

Building and maintaining relationships

We know that all our work only advances at the speed of trust; however, how much effort do we actually put into building and maintaining effective relationships? In this workshop we will take you through Professor Marshall Ganz and Harvard Kennedy School’s work in this area and explore how developing strong relationships could work for you. 8th April 2025 10am-12pm

Coaching Skills

Explores what coaching is and is not and when it can be useful. Look at some coaching models with a reflection on how you might use and build on these skills. 14th May 2025 10am-12pm

Means and ends. Getting structure right

To deliver long term sustainable change, we not only need passion and insight, we need organisation. Putting in place a flexible, dynamic structure for delivering change is vital. In this session we will look at how we structure the change beyond organisational boundaries. 10th June 2025 10am-12pm

Strategy is a verb!

In this session we will argue that strategy is a verb. Join to explore how we bring our strategy to life to achieve long term, sustainable change. 8th July 2025 10am-12pm

Organising - a method of achieving sustainable change

This session explores organising in more depth, looking at how to organise, build and grow a movement for change. 9th September 2025 10am-12pm

Understanding and Using an Outcomes Focus

A critical element of systems leadership is enabling collective action towards shared goals/outcomes. This requires a shred narrative and framework to measure success. This session will introduce an outcomes framework, develop a shared understanding of outcomes and explore how outcomes fit within the leadership space. 14th October 2025 10am-12pm

Commitment - keeping going!

Keeping change going whether within your organisation or across systems is a challenge for all change makers. This workshop will introduce some Harvard principles around building and maintaining commitment to ensure change programmes retain their vibrancy. 11th November 2025 10am-12pm

Listening Skills

Explore why listening is important for leaders and what makes a good listener with a chance to practice some key skills. 13th January 2026 10am-12pm

Civility & Psychological Safety

This programme would include some learning around evidence-based research around the impact of incivility (Farmer, Hurst and Turner) and explore how this can be part of a just and restorative culture (Dekker, Oates and Rafferty). 10th February 2026 10am-12pm


Research indicates that the resilience of our response to negative external events rather than negative external events themselves determines whether we experience wellbeing. This workshop introduces the concept of Resilience and will enable you to start to explore ways to help you effectively deal with challenges, enjoy greater wellbeing, and pursue a life that you feel is most worth living. We will do this using principles drawn from the science and practice of positive psychology. 10th March 2026 10am-12pm


Mindfulness is a lot more than a strategy to manage difficult situations. It is a way to cultivate a more balanced relationship to oneself in relation to the realities of life. This introductory workshop will explore the concept of mindfulness, examine mindfulness in the broader context of life and how we perceive things, and help us understand the foundation of processes that mindfulness rest upon. 14th April 2026 10am-12pm

Course Wrap Up

A chance for participants to reflect on learning and identify any next steps 9th June 2026 10am-12pm