Our Work

We work with people, places and organisations to make sense of their challenges, gaining evidence, data and insight, balanced with seeking to uncover and understand emotional drivers for change.
Once we have worked together to understand the challenge, only then do we co-create the solutions that will enable lasting change. We do this by working together to mobilise data and evidence to define and monitor success, provide close and personal support through the transformation process and utilise a range of hard and soft implementation skills and practical experience

What is your challenge ?


Is it time to review your organisational or business strategy? Should you develop a new offer or service? Is your board aligned with your leadership team?

How we can help

We can support business development, growth and competitive strategy development and implementation. We have a track record of successful governance support hosting board and senior team away days. 


At a crossroads in your career? Is it time to go for that promotion? Or are you new into a role feeling the lonely challenge of leadership?

How we can help

Our coaching, mentoring and consiglieri programmes all provide dedicated time to enable you to think well and focus on issues that really matter to you.


Do you need to harness the power of communities and work across organisations to improve the lives of the people you serve.

How we can help

We have trained over 300 people in North Wales and Greater Manchester in the principles of systems leadership, public narrative and organising to build movements for social change.

Our Programmes

Our current portfolio of services. In reality we will tailor our service to meet your requirements, drawing on our extensive  experience and our portfolio of techniques, skills and materials.

Leadership Development

Working alongside leaders and their organisations

Movement Building

Creating, building and maintaining movements for change


Tailored, sensitive, one-to-one support for leaders

Governance and Business Strategy

Providing the support to ensure your business is run properly and efficiently

Places and organisations 

Supporting places and organisations as they grow, change and adapt

Cultural and Creative Practice

Helping cultural and creative organisation and individuals achieve their goals

What the people we work with say about us

Darren Knight, Chief Executive of George House Trust
It’s been excellent for George House Trust’s board and leadership team to work with Do-Well on our Public Narrative. It’s really helped to skill up the team, focus on our roles as leaders both internally and externally and build relationships across our teams. The support from Ken and the coaches from Do-Well has been incredibly important in helping us to focus on our purpose and our future direction and I’m really looking to the next phase of our work together.
Graeme Foster, Chief Executive of Alpha Living
“Do-Well’s leadership expertise and experience and their engaging approach to purpose and values work was invaluable in supporting us to explore our values and what really matters to us as individuals and as an organisation.”
Nina Ruddle, Head of Public Policy Engagement at Wrexham University
“Do-Well’s knowledge, insight and expertise in systems leadership and public narrative has been integral to the development of our civic mission at Wrexham University. Our work with Do-Well has enabled us to develop a successful leadership learning programme that has resulted in North Wales being home to the highest number of trained systems leaders in the UK. Do-Well provides us with a wide range of strategic and practical support from advising on our civic mission strategy, building and developing our community and meeting and event facilitation, to providing critical friend support to help guide and shape our civic mission as it evolves and grows.”
Sarah Evans, Director of Business Growth and Consultancy, Cwmpass, Wales
“I have worked with Do-Well on a number of projects other last few years and I can vouch for their professionalism, integrity and customer focus. Do-Well really are what they say: “Dedicated to the success of others”. I recommend them for personal, organisational or community dev elopement work of all types”
Michelle Hill, Chief Executive Officer at Talk, Listen, Change
Ken Perry exceptionally facilitated a Board Strategy Day for TLC: Talk, Listen Change in November 2023 leaving an indelible mark on our organisation. Ken's thoughtfulness and collaborative approach were instrumental in guiding our trustees to determine the key strategic direction for the next phase of our growth.
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