Movement Building

Long term, sustainable change around a common purpose or wicked issue can’t be achieved by one person, place or organisation alone. 

Do-Well specialises in movement building theory and practice. We use the latest teachings from Harvard Kennedy School to help you understand your purpose, and how to organise, mobilise and build your movement for change.   

We are also experienced community organisers and can support you in building and developing your community.

 Examples include the 2025 Movement in North Wales, which brings a wide range of people and organisations together from health, housing, local government, education and the third sector to tackle avoidable health inequalities. 

The movement began in 2015 and now has a membership of over 600. Its work is led by a leadership team of a diverse group of organisations who work together differently to pool resources, share ideas and develop new approaches to tackling health inequalities.

Do-Well has supported 2025 from the outset, from working together with leaders to develop the movement and its focus, to working as the community organiser to help to grow the movement and maintain its momentum.