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Third Sector Change & Governance

Everyone at Do-Well shares a strong belief in social benefit and wellbeing. We all engage with and support the third sector collectively and individually. We actively seek out opportunities to sit on boards, volunteer and provide support to our communities. 

Whether you are a registered charity, social enterprise, mutual or cooperative we have found that our leadership practices and organisational development tools can help you ensure that your stakeholders achieve maximum benefit. We can help you build innovative practices and partnerships that can create meaningful cross-sector relationships and provide answers to some of our community’s toughest issues. 

We are current and proactive in your sector and can meet your organisation where you are at no matter your size. 


We have a real understanding of governance in the third sector.


We can help companies of any size to unlock their potential by starting at the top with support to provide legal, ethical, and innovative governance.

We believe your unique values and shared purpose are the guidestars that can help you develop governance practices that lead to effective strategy.

Our aim is to help you develop your governance as a leadership model that cascades through your whole organisation. This then provides you with the tools and capabilities to operate ethically, legally and with an innovation mindset.  

Our offer includes:

  • Clarification of purpose, values, and strategic aims 

  • Bespoke evaluation and forensic analysis

  • Board training to enable you to be sure of your legal and ethical responsibilities 

  • Support to redevelop leadership, practices and processes that will help you navigate the business world.

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