Systems Leadership & Public Narrative

Working alongside leaders and their organisations since 2014, we have seen a growing call for:

  • Authenticity in leadership action, behaviours and culture

  • An increasing concern for the resilience of people at all levels, but for those in leadership roles in particular

  •  A growing acceptance that for real, sustainable change to be achieved leaders need to build commitment to change and action increasingly from those beyond their direct control, and that is very hard to do.


We believe that real progress can be made to address these by learning more about systems leadership and building public narrative skills.

Through our bespoke public narrative skills development programme, we work to support leaders and emerging leaders to connect with who they are and what matters to them and enable them to learn new skills to bring these to leadership development.

Our programme brings together the work of Professor Keith Grint from Warwick University and Professor Marshall Ganz from Harvard to create a powerful leadership development tool.

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