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Sue Powell

What do you know?

Having worked in housing for over 35 years I think I have learnt a bit about housing across all sectors and a lot about people. My experience started as a front line Repairs Clerk and I will never forget my experiences as a Housing Officer out on the patch collecting rents, allocating properties, dealing with neighbour disputes or whatever the varied days would bring. I moved into performance improvement and then policy and strategy and completed my BA in housing studies five weeks before my son was born. 


I have worked across regions, facilitated joint working, and worked closely with Local Elected Members. Six years ago I made the decision to set up my own company and I have continued to develop my knowledge over this time, primarily with Registered Providers and local authorities. I am an experienced Non Executive Director which has led me to develop different skills around Governance and enabled me to look at organisations from a different perspective.

Why do you do what you do?

I do it because I want to make a difference. When working for and with organisations I wanted to have a direct impact on the lives of residents, helping them to break down the barriers and creating opportunities. I now use those skills to support and help others to make that difference. 


I joined the Do-Well band knowing that I was joining like minded people who care about others and want their work to impact on people and communities.

How can you be useful? 

I can be useful at a number of different levels. I am an experienced Interim Manager who can come into an organisation at pace and make a difference. I am a buddy and mentor, a role that I love, and I can engage and connect people across a range of organisations. I also have what I am told is a unique skill for working effectively with local elected members. 

What album has most inspired you?

Music has always been a part of my life right from childhood and some would say my tastes have never grown up. I don’t have one album that I would say has inspired me. Music reflects our moods and I enjoy happy music, anything you can dance around the living room to or sing into a hairbrush. Music also brings with it memories and helps us to relax and reflect.

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