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Stuart Irons

What do you know?

I am a qualified Solicitor and have a law degree. I have been practising law for over 30 years in private practice advising a variety of clients including public bodies, local authorities, insurance companies, charities and faith-based organisations, housing associations as well as private and public companies and individuals.


I am well versed in commercial and corporate matters and property related issues.


I have a wealth of experience in helping people make decisions, by analysing the facts of the situation and looking at the consequences of each potential action.


I am also a long-standing Trustee of Woodlands Animal Sanctuary.  


Why do you do what you do?

I have always been passionate about fighting for what is right and fair. If this can be achieved by negotiating a settlement rather than commencing proceedings, then all the better. Saving management time and reducing the spend on legal fees is invariably a better option, thereby allowing the party’s resources to be deployed better in pursuing its primary mission.


How can you be useful?

I fulfil the role of trusted adviser to organisations large and small and individuals to guide them when problems occur and formulate or negotiate solutions. I’m prepared to take roles on a consultancy basis to help organisations deal with particular issues or projects. I can identify risk, assist in drafting policies and protocols to reduce it and in some cases have achieved reductions in a client’s insurance premiums.


Being the leader of an organisation can be tough and lonely place when difficult decisions have to be made. I can help in that situation as a trusted friend who you can discuss any issue with in confidence and who will advise you what the consequences of the proposed actions might be and if there might be other solutions to achieve the same aim, with less adverse consequences.  


What album has most inspired you?     

The album that I was first inspired by was David Bowie’s “Man of Words/Man of Music” released in 1971. It only came to my attention in the mid 1980s. In particular, the track “Changes” which was the first piece of music that spoke to my heart more than my head. I have loved Bowie’s music ever since as he was so inventive and fearless in embracing change.

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