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Sheena McDonnell

What do you know?

I am a people professional having gained my HR qualification over 25 years ago. I am a Fellow of the CIPD and have worked in the public and not for profit sectors for most of my working life. I have lots of experience as a senior leader having been a CEO of a third sector organisation and Executive Director of a Housing Association. I am an experienced at Board level both in terms of being a Board member myself and also in supporting effective Governance through the work that I do. I am currently a Non-Executive of a healthcare foundation trust and a community leisure service. 


Why do you do what you do?

In choosing this work I want to be able to make a difference, to support individuals and organisations to be the very best they can be and that often starts with leadership. I have experienced and witnessed the good and not so good in leadership terms and understand through my own lived experience how impactful that can be both positively and negatively. 


How can you be useful?

I enjoy being part of Do-Well where I can contribute my people focused skill set into the diversity of skills, we as a collective offer. I work across sectors with individuals, organisations and communities on their approach to leadership development and systems leadership. Clarity of purpose is key and through facilitation, individual coaching, strategic and organisational development reviews and supporting organisations going through change we can help organisations hold true to that purpose. 


What album has most inspired you?

My music taste is very eclectic - as a teenager my music ranged from the Sex Pistols and the Buzzcocks to Whitesnake and Deep Purple, and now I tend to listen to music depending on the activity I am doing or the mood I am in. One of my claims to fame is that while at Uni I saw the then Housemartins at a ‘free ents’ night and still today I am a fan of Paul Heaton so I will go with this

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