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Pre - Legal Advice

Do-Well’s pre-legal service is designed to help organisations explore legal and complex corporate issues before seeking advice from lawyers.   


It aims to help you work out what the legal problem is that you are facing, support you in addressing them and make an informed decision about whether legal advice is required and, more particularly, what specific legal advice could help you make the right decision to resolve the issue, saving time and legal fees. 


This service also aims to help you formulate the right questions to ask to help you get the best advice from your lawyers. 


It is led by Do-Well's Stuart Irons, a qualified Commercial Solicitor with over 30 years’ experience in private practice advising a variety of clients including public bodies, local authorities, housing associations, charities and faith-based organisations, insurance companies, public and private companies and individuals. 


Well versed in corporate, commercial and property related issues and with a wealth of experience in helping management teams make decisions by analysing the facts of a situation, determining the essential questions or issues and then devising a way to address them, Stuart fulfils the valuable role of trusted adviser to the management of businesses large and small and to individuals to guide them when problems occur and help them formulate or negotiate solutions.


Find out more about our pre-legal service below: 

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