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Embrace all seasons

I won’t lie this is not my favourite time of year. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am a summer girl – flip flops and sunglasses are my favourite accessories.

I always approach autumn with a sense of dread about the winter months to come. The dark mornings, the cold weather, and the trees always seem to look so sad when they start to lose their leaves.

Driving down the M6 a few weeks ago with the wind battering my car did nothing to make me feel better. But I have decided that I can’t keep wasting time being unhappy about things I can’t change so I am going to take action and start embracing all seasons.

On that 2 hour drive I committed myself to making changes not just to what I do but also to how I think about things. So here are 3 simple things I am going to try to do:

  • Put time aside in the middle of the day where possible to get outside when the weather permits and soak up some of the winter daylight.

  • When the weather really is too bad for me to venture out I will spend that time productively. I will make plans for all the nice things I want to do such as holidays and catch ups with family and friends.

  • Instead of thinking the trees look sad I am going to enjoy their changing colours and when the leaves have fallen look forward to seeing the new buds appearing in only a few months.

I also know that I am fortunate to have a lovely warm safe home. On those cold dark nights I can light my favourite candles and the fire and simply spend time with my family, enjoying my home and remembering how lucky I am. Surely that is better than moaning about the weather!

I would love to hear from you about how you face this time of year and I am sure that for some it might even be a favourite season. Please share any tips you have with us on twitter @SuziPow_@DoWell_uk.

Sue Powell

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