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Creating a coaching culture

Coaching has long been recognised as an important tool in helping people at all levels in organisations to do well, but with the way we work continuing to transform rapidly, a greater spotlight is being put on the benefits of engaging in one-to-one coaching. Do-Well’s Paula Whylie discusses why coaching has never been more important.

Anyone who knows anything about Do-Well will know that we put our energy into helping people and organisations make sense of their challenges, so they are able to identify the choices they have to overcome them. One of the ways we do this is through our various coaching offers.

Why coaching? In their 2021 People Management Report The Predictive Index highlighted that 36% of employees say their manager is burned out. The report also highlights that lack of communication is even more pronounced among respondents with burned out managers and that the number one skill employees feel their manager lacks is communication. Poor communication has held the top spot in employee surveys for far too many years and with the increase of hybrid and home working continuing, it has potential to hold the title for years to come.

Creating space

With new ways of working being introduced faster and more frequently than ever before it’s key for leaders and managers to encourage and embrace a growth learning mindset if they are to avoid burnout and be available for their people. One way of doing this is to engage in a one-to-one coaching relationship. Often when we feel there is not enough time in the day, we neglect the need to make time and space for reflection and exploration. In leadership terms this is the difference between working in the business and working on the business, investing in your personal development is an investment in your people and organisation. They say you never regret a trip to the gym or a good walk and the same is to be said for making time to exercise your mind by creating spaces to think and explore.

Embedding a coaching culture

Coaching isn’t new but the way it’s delivered and used is evolving all the time and embedding a coaching culture is something more and more organisations are seeking to do. Like leadership, coaching is situational and can be useful at every stage of the employee lifecycle. The personal benefits of coaching are wide ranging and whilst impact differs it is widely recognised that coaching has a positive impact on an individual’s mindset and performance.

Culture changer

This CIPD report recommends coaching as a culture changer - Coaching and Mentoring - but if you’re just looking for a handful of reasons, consider these. Coaching can:

1) Aid in establishing and acting upon career goals

2) Increase levels of engagement with both job and organisation’s purpose

3) Provide a safe space to gain perspective and build trust

4) Encourage a deeper level of learning and perspectives, going beyond understanding

5) Build personal awareness and accountability.

At Do-Well, we offer individual coaching, team coaching and deliver in-house and mixed coaching skills courses. If you would like to explore further what coaching offer you or your organisation would benefit from please get in touch.

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