Pamela Ball

What do you know?

I have over 30 years of international cross sector work experiences. This includes leadership, management, and front-line service roles. My expertise is solidly based on that lived experience and driven by helping individuals and companies to use their individual and shared values to progress individual and organisational wellbeing. My career journey has encompassed social work, managing large public sector strategic plans, leadership development, organisational development, equalities advocacy and extensive work in the Third Sector.  


Why do you do what you do? 

I was proud to join Do-Well as I am driven by the need to support others wellbeing and to see human and humane business practices become the norm. I want to get to know YOU and then meet you wherever you are in order to best enable you to have both joy and success. I thrive on the pleasure that comes when you gain the enlightenment and drive that comes from rediscovering your vision and values as key drivers to your business success. 


How can you be useful? 

Practically speaking I am really good at hitting the ground running and helping organisations identify their strengths, wicked issues, and values compass’ in order to help them create leadership and cultures that support both individual wellbeing and company success. 


I have lots of experience at helping companies and entrepreneurs to clarify purpose, join up shared values, identify their bespoke strategic road maps and in implementing the cultural change and practical processes that benefit both corporate mission and employee wellbeing. In particular I can help you evaluate and develop your governance, so it reflects the things that matter to you and enables really excellent strategic leadership. I listen while you share, and we take a journey together that enables your best self to find your resilient path to success. 


I am a dual national passionate bookworm and feminist who has a history of raging at injustice while working on a personal level. I love beauty and culture and my garden.


What album has most inspired you? 

Music always has been and always will be a grounding and driving force in my life. 

It underpins my happiness at being a part of the Do-Well Band. In the soundtrack to my life as I reflect on Do-Well and our work together, I keep coming back to a song that helped drive many significant life changes for me:

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