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Mark Turnbull

What do you know? 

I have held senior leadership roles for over 15 years, and I empathise because of my recent experience, with the challenges people face as they become leaders in organisations. Most of my experience has been in the public and housing sector and for the past two years I have been the Chief Executive of a charity in Manchester on a part time basis, as well as being a band member in team Do-Well. In this latter role I am learning as much as ‘knowing’ and I believe that is a good place for us all to be. I am particularly interested in wellbeing and resilience for leaders and bring some of that learning and knowledge to the Do-Well band.


Why do you do what you do? 

I am passionate about supporting others and seeing people doing well. That is why I enjoy my work with Do-Well. I am also particularly keen to see those who face barriers in their lives overcome them and that is why I chose to take up a role in the charity sector. All of this I believe is interconnected and by doing this work I hope to have some impact on the bigger challenges society faces.


How can you be useful?

I enjoy supporting leaders who are interested in their personal and professional development and the overlaps between the too. I am interested particularly in resilience in leaders and looking deeply at how we relate to ourselves and the world in managing our wellbeing. I feel I can bring this insight to individuals on a one to one basis through coaching and for groups of individuals within organisations. 


What album has most inspired you? 

I have quite eclectic music tastes and therefore have never been drawn to following a particular band and group over a long period of time. However, 1 album I have always consistently enjoyed is Tracy Chapman's self-titled album. Seeing her perform live probably strengthened its place as a favourite.

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