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Ken Perry

What do you know? 

I have almost 40 years’ experience working across the public, private and third sectors from the most junior level to holding a Chief Executive position of a high growth, values led organisation for 14 years. I am also a current and very experienced Non-Executive Director, Chair and Vice Chair. I have a MBA from the Open University Business School, am a Fellow of the RSA and the Institute of Directors, a Visiting Industrial Fellow at Wrexham Glyndwr University, an enabler with the Leadership Centre and a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing by examination.


I know what it feels like to practice leadership at the highest level and it is this lived experience, good and bad, that I add to my ongoing learning to help others succeed in a very practical way.


Why do you do what you do? 

All of my life I have taken great joy from seeing others succeed. I am now in a fortunate position where I work every day alongside good people who are striving to do great things.  If, by having some contact with me it helps them do well, then I am living a useful life and that means everything to me.


I am the Founder of Do-Well but I am not alone. I am surrounded by a wonderful band of people who all share my passion for enabling others to succeed. I help them with their work by co-ordinating and developing the business.  My job is to stay connected to everyone we serve, ensure that what we do is the very best it can be, look to the future, ensure we are contemporary in our thinking, connect people and make sure that Do-Well always stays useful.


How can you be useful? 

I have found that I am useful in helping people, organisations and places craft and then achieve their purpose and goals. My track record of their successes is strong and grows every day. Working on a one to one basis or working with executive teams, Boards, social movements and communities of interest and/or place, I help others make sense of this ever-changing world, to think deeply and clearly before working with them to act and crucially in many cases, staying with them through the ups and downs of their leadership life.


I am active providing one to one support to leaders and aspiring leading through my unique Consiglieri service. I also help build and maintain social movements for change, connecting people, building personal, community and organisational resilience. I teach people the art of public narrative, I help build and maintain leadership capacity and competence.


What album has most inspired you? 

Music is a key part of my life.  I do not have a single album that inspires me; as with all of my life I love diversity and have an eclectic taste so when it comes to music I love moving through classical pieces, opera, jazz, folk and rock music as my mood takes me.  The first album I remember saving up to buy was 'The Kids are Alright' by The Who, so that has a special place in my collection.

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