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Professional Support

The Do-Well Interim Offer


Many organisations at some point find themselves needing to fill gaps in their staffing structure or are looking for a person to help drive change or improvements on a temporary basis. This may be due to sickness, organisational redesign or to cover while employees pursue other secondment/sabbatical opportunities. 


Do-Well recognises that these occasions offer particular challenges and pressures as you try to find the right people to meet your organisations particular needs. 


While Do-Well is not a recruitment agency, our leadership practice is dedicated to the success of others.  We work to enable people, places and organisations to do well. Our work is bespoke, we exist to help you understand the problem and work with you to co-create the right solutions to support your success. 


This includes helping you create the right interim role or solution to fit the needs of your organisation. 


Our Offer


We will always start all of our work with you with discussions and conversations designed to build the trust and the knowledge necessary to help you identify your real problems and needs. 


By helping you identify the bespoke skills, aptitudes, and capabilities that you may need to address an identified problem, we can help identify the right person to help you.  


In some instances,  we may help you discover that in fact,  your needs can be met via a  short-term intervention that does not require an actual job role. It may be that the gap in service could be covered more effectively and cost-efficiently in other ways. 


In all instances, we will help you craft the right solution for your bespoke needs.

Our Agreement


Contracts with agencies often involve legal documents and binding time periods linked to offers of future employment. 

We do not operate with those types of onerous agreements. 

We will mutually agree with you on a fee and a timeline that reflects the role, the challenges, and expectations. We will always be open to discussing any changes to our initial agreement in order to help you and the support we put in place to succeed in meeting your current challenges. 


We are confident that our people will offer you an excellent service and that you will return to us again in the future through choice.

Our People 


If an interim appointment is what you need, then we can then look at matching you with one of our trusted colleagues or associates based on what best fits your circumstances. Only people we know personally and that we are confident will work within the Do-Well value framework will be recommended to you. 


We can offer you the leadership and support you need across a range of functions, including but not exclusively, 

  • front line service delivery (including housing, homelessness and customer services)

  • policy and strategy

  • governance

  • organisational development

  • legal advice

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