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Filmmaking, Photography & Digital

In the modern world, there is no escaping the fact that sometimes film is the best medium to communicate. 

We provide professional film recording, audio capture and photography solutions to support movement building and capturing events. 

Film making is a key component of our Systems Leadership and Public Narrative work.

Using the state of the art hardware and software we provide high quality, cost effective, imaging and audio capture and in-house editing to create films and photos that help convey the outstanding work being undertaken by the people, places and organisations that we work with. 

Our work here often creates engagement levels that reporting sometimes cannot achieve with a wider audience. 


Some of the work we do relies on sound technical know-how. Working with your technical support team and/or stakeholders we can provide simple solutions to sometimes seemingly complex issues. Creating bespoke step by step instructions or even complex applications, we can resolve issues and produce good results across multiple platforms. 

We have Google Certified Educators and Apple Teachers who work with establishments that vary from charities, businesses and we also teach KS1 and KS2 pupils as well as supporting teachers in schools. 

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