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We all know how costly the whole recruitment process can be both in terms of money and internal resources, organisations are passionate during the search for the right person and we are often left with a feeling of excitement when we recruit the ideal candidate. It’s the beginning of a relationship and like all lasting relationships, it needs to be nourished. 

We work with organisations and their people to bring the values on the wall alive. Of course, communication in organisations is essential, conversation however is crucial. 

We help organisations to engage through compassionate and compelling conversations that helps keep the passion for the work and organisation alive.


Not the tired engagement typified by poorly attended public meetings and paper surveys designed to tick boxes and confirm ‘what we already knew’, but an engagement based on compassionate conversations.  


Conversations that seek to appeal to the head, hands and heart, and that use technology as a way of extending reach, access and stimulating excitement.


We work to facilitate conversations with communities that are not always used to being listened to, and believe that the only way to do this is to take time to understand the context, cocreate the engagement strategy with the community in question and ensure it is bespoke to their particular circumstances.


We also use a variety of written and digital appropriate to place, to feedback salient points and themes and to create an enduring and community-led conversation.

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