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Elfyn Owen

Elfyn is the Director of Canllaw (Eryri) Cyf that is active throughout Gwynedd and Ynys Môn. Canllaw is a charity that provides housing services and practical solutions in response to the housing needs of local older or vulnerable people. Our services include a Care & Repair Agency, Hospital to Healthier Home, Managing Better, Safety at Home, as well as our practical service on adaptations, Canllaw Addasu and our in-house Technical Service. Canllaw is a subsidiary of Grŵp Cynefin, a leading north Wales housing association.


Elfyn has been in the housing and building sector since 1985 and has managed and developed housing services around older people since 1996. Passionate on supporting those most vulnerable in our society, on their independence and dignity, but also on developing community resilience and tackling health inequalities. Currently leading on a new Just Do Team on Loneliness and Social Isolation with the 2025 Movement.

Backstage Interview

Band Member Paula Whylie catches up with Elfyn Owen after his. guest stage appearance. 

Brendan Nevin

Brendan has worked in housing and urban regeneration both nationally and internationally for 35 years, focusing primarily in the UK on the dynamics of social and economic change in the cities and regions of the North and Midlands. He has also worked as a senior Civil Servant in New Zealand and worked on the earthquake recovery plan which was focused on Christchurch.

Brendan has recently produced the Discussion Paper below, titled 'Brendan's Report'. 


It explores responding to the Place Based Impacts of COVID-19, looking at whether we can learn from the disaster recovery experience in New Zealand adapt the lessons to address the unique challenges we face today.

In this clip, he shares his thinking and experiences around this growing movement.

Dawn Morris

Dawn has worked in the finance sector for over 25 years and is currently a Licensed Accountant and partner of an accountancy and business consultancy service based in Liverpool, providing a national service.  Dawn is a Treasurer and Trustee of Mandela8 charity and Secretary and Committee Member of Black Fundraisers UK (BF-UK).  Prior to joining CBAS Ltd, Dawn worked in the social housing sector, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine University and local government council as a Management Accountant and Grant Project Manager, responsible for multi-million-pound international projects.  Dawn is dedicated to working to deliver social change, social and economic equality and helping individuals and organisations to achieve their potential.

In this short video, Dawn chats to Ken about what she does and why and what the main challenges her clients work with and how she helps them overcome them.

You can contact Dawn through her website at

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