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What is our mission?

Our mission is to .....

Eat Well to Do-Well

We believe that some of the best conversations happen over a good meal, and when we prepare and eat that meal together, we can solve the problems of the world.

Eat Well to Do-Well helps individuals, teams and communities share problems and find solutions to them, using the creative experience of cooking and eating a meal together. 

Eat Well to Do-Well sets people a challenge of preparing a “home cooked” meal. The people involved don’t know what they will be cooking in advance – they turn up, look at the ingredients provided, decide what they want to eat and cook it.

They then sit down together, and over the meal talk about the issue that brought them there. Throughout this time, band member Rodger Cairns is on hand to offer support and facilitate the conversation.

The activity during and after the meal can be tailored to suit you or your group, with specific exercises to support insight and learning or to develop key actions.


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